Milburt Farm & Greenhouse

A listing of our usual offering of Herbs:


Basil        large leaf italian - large oval leaves with crinkly edges, for culinary use
                boxwood (Ocimum basilicum) - a small leafed variety well suited for pots. very prolific with excellent taste
                emily - very similar taste to large leaf italian, but is only 12-15" tall, making it perfect for pots and planters.
                             also more disease resistant than large leaf italian.
                thai - 16"  high plant with strongly scented leaves and purple flowers.  holds up better in cooking than other
Bay laurel    (laurus nobilis) - also called "true laurel".  used as flavoring in fish, meat stock, soups and stews.  leaves also
                            repel fleas, moths, and other bugs.  bring inside to overwinter here.
a member of the monarda family.  has citrus oregano scented oval leaves with pointed tips.  used to
                        add fragrance and color to teas, or dried in potpourri.  often used to season wild game.
- perennial plant will grow to 30" high. bright orange and scarlet flowers.  used
                        medicinally to induce vomiting and expel worms. excellent butterfly attractor.
Cat Grass   
(Hordeum vulgare) bright variegated white/green foliage.  used in health food recipes, and is attractive
                    to cats, where it provides vitamins and fiber.  Final height will be 24".

atnip     (Nepeta Cataria) - cat candy for your feline friend, or used as herbal tea for yourself.
(Chamaemelum nobile) roman chamomile 8" high with fragrant foliage.  Made into a
                        tea, it is supposed to help with sleeping.  Perennial.
(Allium schoenoprasum) regular/common chives. 12" mildly onion flavored grass like leaves.
santo - a fast growing but slow bolting variety with very high yield.
                  greensleeves - a tall but stable, fast growing, medium leafed variety.  strong bolt
                        resistance, but plant early for best results.
florence - anise like flavor for eggs, fish and sauces. use fresh or cooked.
Perennial.  24" tall plant with fully double, pure white flowers.  used as herbal remedy
                        for fevers and to aid digestion, and tea is believed to lower blood pressure.

24" perennial plant, used medicinally for coughing, tonsillitis and sore throat.
munstead (lavendula augustifolia) - 16" high plant with deep purple and fragrant flowers.
                        protect in winter, in this area.
                  french - very prolific, with fern-like flowers.  use as an annual in this area.
                  mini blue - 10-12" spreading plant, flowers first year, more prolific than other varieties.  may
                        not overwinter in this area.
(levisticum officinale) -celery on steroids, a zesty salad addition
(Origanum majorana) sweet marjoram
spearmint (mentha spicata) - bold spearmint flavor on a rapidly spreading plant, up to 3' high.
                peppermint (mentha piperita) - used as a tea to aid digestion and nausea.  will also repel insects
                        either in the garden, or on your person.
                orange - a mild flavor resembling orange.  used mostly fresh as a garnish.
                chocolate - chocolate flavored mint, used as a garnish on fresh foods.
                apple (mentha suaveolens) - sweet smelling leaves, more round than other mints, and slightly
                        fuzzy.  will tolerate a dryer location than other mints.
                pineapple (mentha spicata variegata) - smaller plant variety, about 16" tall with apple mint flavor
(Origanum heracleoticum) greek oregano. 24" plant with pungent classic flavor.
(Origanum vulgare) italian oregano. 18" dark green plant used as sesoning.
Curly - 10-12" plant with tightly curled leaves
Italian (plain parsley), 12-18" with broad deep-green leaves.
(Mentha pulegium) strong minty aroma on a 8" spreading plant with lilac flowers. Used as a
                    culinary and folk medicine herb.
(Rosemary officianalis) evergreen, beautiful plant with many uses.  Protect in
                        winter in this area.
(Ruta graveolens)  Highly ornamental, lacy blue-green foliage, used to flavor salads
                        and cheese dishes.
  (herniaria) - an evergreen trailing perennial with a mat forming habit.  ideal for mass plantings
                        and rock gardens.
          Broadleaf (Salvia officinalis) - common or garden sage, mostly for culinary use
                  White    (Salvia apiana) - very aromatic with many herbal and ceremonial uses
St Johns Wort
(hypericum perforatum) - beautiful yellow flowers, in many flowered terminal clusters.
Summer savory
- 12" leaves & stem tips used fresh or dried for teas, and flavoring meats and stuffings.
(stevia rebaudiana) - sugar plant.  a natural dietary supplement.  leaves are estimated to be 150 to
                        300 times sweeter than refined sugar.
French - licorice taste, used both fresh and dried in culinary dishes
English (thymus vulgaris) - common thyme.  an upright, woody stemmed plant, the perfered
                            variety for culinary uses.
Lemon (thymus citriodorus) - 18" tall plant with lemony scent and flavor.
Red creeping (thymus serpyllum) - currently out of stock
 (valariana officinalis) - an attractive plant with feathery foliage and sweet-smelling flowers, with the
                        fragrance of heliotrope. has several medicinal uses, and its oil is used in perfumes.